Change of KCC certification policy - KC mark approval

written by Soo-GIl, Kim (sgkim@kc-mark.com / sgkim@ist.re.kr)

The KCC mark was unified to KC (Korea Certification) mark since Jan. 24th, 2011.
But the KCC certification will be still valid application for the entire Broadcasting Commnucations Equipments (including all ITE) from then on. Only certification logo was changed from KCC mark to KC mark. 

Because whole process of KCC approval was changed, there are much confusion between Korea Gov. and applicants.
Under new process, there are three types for KCC approval.
1) Compatibility Certification (similar with the former process)
2) Compatibility Registration (similar with the FCC TCB process)
3) Tentative Certification (similar with the CE DoC process)

Under new KCC rule, the certification information (KC logo and KCC certi no. and others) should be attached both the product and the packaging.

To know more detail information, please refer to the linked brief guide.
- changed KCC guide (for KC mark approval)

If you have any question about Korea Certification, please don't hesitate to contact with me. (sgkim@kc-mark.com)

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  1. Dear Webmaster,
    I just read the changed KCC guide. There is one question for asking. ITE without Wired/Wireless should have Safety test after Jan. 1st 2012. So Notebook PC will also be included?