[Case Study] KCC mark for SFP Transceiver miniGBIC module

[Case Study] KCC mark for SFP Transceiver miniGBIC module 

Recently issue - How about KCC approval for SFP+ Transceiver miniGBIC module

- written by Soo-Gil, Kim (sgkim@kc-mark.com / sgkim@ist.re.kr)

Almost switching products support an optical communication through an optical fibre channel. Also some servers or storages include these modules like SFP+ Transceiver (miniGBIC module) too. Actually these optical fibre communication modules are out of the scope of CISPR 22 and 24. For EU market, there is no need to do EMC test. But for Korea market, the manufacturer or seller has to get KCC (EMC registration) mark before selling.

(Drawing sample of KCC mark on SFP+ Transceiver)

Why have to do? - I can not answer it, because it is the policy of RRA (Radio Research Agency - compulsory mark agency under Korea Gov.). If you want to sell them on Korea, you have to get KCC mark!!

The vendors of server/storage/switch products normally get KCC certificate of them through 'Internal Components Verification' procedure. In any case - although these optical products need KCC mark or not, they should do EMC testing for their products. Therefore they don't need additional EMC test for these optical modules.
Concerning on 'Internal Components Verificaation' procedure, I will write it later.
In this time, just remember that SPF/GBIC modules need to get KCC certificate.


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  2. It's fine that it should get approval from KCC before selling them, if not then can we take it.

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  3. I am trying to get the marking artwork for the KCC logo and the related Korean text required to accompany it. Where can this be obtained.

    Thank You