[Case Study] PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

[Case Study] PDU (Power Distribution Unit)
- Soo-Gil, Kim (sgkim@kc-mark.com)

Nowadays I received some question about how can get KC mark to export PDUs to Korea.
Or question about what certification they need.

To solve this problem, in first, the applicants need to know the exact meaning of KC mark.
Yes, KC mark is the certification mark for the electric safety. But it is a narrow meaning of KC mark.
KC mark is Korea Certification mark, it means that KC mark covers all products including the electric and ITE products. Actually EMC test is including to the requirements of KC mark for ITE products.

To get KC mark for PDU, we have to define it has a internal PCB or not.
1) PDU with PCB
- PDU with PCB needs both certification mark of KCC and KC
- After getting KCC certificate, EMC test for KC is exempted
- PDU with PCB is in the scope of KCC approval, but PDU without PCB is out of the scope.
2) PDU without PCB
- PDU without PCB needs only KC approval
- In this case, it doesn't need to do EMC test for KC

KC (electric safety) mark follows CB scheme.
Therefore almost electric safety tests are exempted, if we submit CB certi & report to KATS.
In the same reason, EMC test for KC is exempted, if we submit KCC certi & report.

The normal process to get KC mark for PDU is,
1) CB approval
2) KCC approval (if it has PCB)
3) KC approval (need Factory Inspection)

Why we need CB certification to get KC mark?
If you have any experience to get CCC mark for China market, you can understand it easily.

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